Heating Oil, Bunded Diesel Fuel, Petrol, Chemicals and Water Storage Tank & Pump Specialists

Southern Tank Services Ltd are specialists in bunded tanks for domestic and commercial heating, fuel oil and agricultural diesel fuel storage, petrol storage and dispensing, water & rainwater harvesting tanks and chemical tanks with associated pump, hose, meter and filters. We supply and deliver across the UK mainland & Ireland and our oil tank installation teams have a wealth of experience carrying out replacement work and related tank services from our base in Wiltshire. Our products and services cover a diverse range of environmental containment and control solutions from domestic bunded oil tanks for home heating, diesel and petrol fuel tanks with dispensing equipment or complete fuel management systems. For moving fuel we have our UN approved range of ADR compliant Transcube tanks and Diesel bowsers for transporting fuel on the public highway. If you use drums, barrel and IBC's we offer a complete range of bund pallets, spill trays and bunded hazardous chemical cabinets & lockers for petrol & flammable liquids.

Water tanks and rainwater harvesting equipment is in stock and our portable water tank and water bowser range offer the ability to transport and utilise water at remote locations with pressure washer, plant watering and on-demand pump options.

Oil tank:

Specialists in all aspects of oil tank supply and services, we have the knowledge and expertise in environmental containment so if you can't see what you need please call on 01722 714514 our experienced staff can help from a simple oil tank price to advice on oil storage regulations, we can help.

Heating Oil Tank & Oil Storage Tanks:

We stock plastic bunded oil storage tanks from market leaders Harlequin Plastics, Deso Engineering, Atlas Tanks and Envirostore UK. We also supply a steel heating oil tank range and offer a bespoke manufacturing service for custom made to measure tanks. We have expert knowledge of oil storage, so do feel free to call for more information.

Diesel tanks:

Our diesel tanks are bunded and fully compliant with control of pollution regulations as well as being competitively priced. Options include plastic and steel construction and specification include flow meters, filters, hose length and voltage. We can also offer our diesel tanks with complete fuel management systems for full access control and reporting.

Fuel & diesel bowser:

We supply a fuel bowser and diesel bowser range that is UN approved and ADR compliant. If you need to take fuel on the public highway our road tow diesel bowser range can be equiped with meters, filters and pumps to your specification. Our site tow fuel bowser range is based on the same IBC baffled tanks with rugged galvanised chassis. Our transportable bowsers start at 500 liters (110gl) and go up to 2000 litres (440gl). Transportable skid tanks and container tanks go up to 19,400 litres and available with various approvals including ADR, CSC, IMO IMDG, RID, UL142, USDoT, TIR and UN approved for transport and storage of diesel fuel.

Oil tank installation:

Our teams of OFTEC qualify engineers are experienced and fully insured to install or replace your existing domestic or commercial oil tank. Our installation service covers Wiltshire, Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset. Form our satellite depot in Devon we can extend our oil tank installation area as far as east Cornwall. For commercial installations and replacements, our teams cover from the Midlands down to the South coast including London and the Home Counties.

Waste oil tanks:

Bunded waste oil tanks are available in plastic or steel and incorporates features such as tundish funnel (ideal for filters), fill points, evacuation point and high level alarms. All our waste oil tanks are compliant with the control of pollution regulations and pollution prevention guidelines PPG2 and PPG8.

Water Bowser:

Road legal water bowser range for safe and compliant transporting of water. With galvanised extended chassis for mounting pumps, pressure washers and ancillary equipment, our water bowser range is versatile and adaptable to utilise the water in most situations. For off public road use, our rugged site tow bowsers have heavy duty galvanised chassis and the same baffled water tanks as the road tow version. Also available is the skid chassis version for bolting or strapping to a flatbed or trailer.

Selected Items

3500BLB Blue Bund Adblue Storage Tank3500BLB Blue Bund Adblue Storage Tank

Fully Bunded Plastic Adblue Storage Tank, rotationally moulded from a premium grade of Adblue resistant, Medium Density Polyethylene and supplied comp......
2,089.00 (2,506.80 inc. VAT)

Adblue Pump Suzzara Blue12v and 24vDCAdblue Pump Suzzara Blue12v and 24vDC

The Piusi Suzzara AdBlue pump has been developed to meet the increasing need for urea dispensing for fleet vehicles, truck and buses. 12v or 24v ......
210.00 (252.00 inc. VAT)

Deso 1340AB Adblue Dispensing TankDeso 1340AB Adblue Dispensing Tank

1300 litre Deso adblue dispensing tank manufactured from high grade polythelene. Diameter: 1410 mm Height: 1740 mm Weight: 125 kg Capacity: 1300......
1,749.00 (2,098.80 inc. VAT)

2500HBFS Tuffa Adblue Tank2500HBFS Tuffa Adblue Tank

2500 litre Tuffa adblue dispensing tank. Length: 2820 mm Width: 1500 mm Height: 1650 mm Weight: 290kg Brim full capacity: 2500 Litres * Vent......
2,600.00 (3,120.00 inc. VAT)

TP90AB Adblue Master Transportable TankTP90AB Adblue Master Transportable Tank

435L transportable polythelene adblue tank c/w dispensing pump and hose cabinet. Stackable facility up to 4 high empty. Capacity: 435 Litres Lengt......

Atlas 5000FDA Bunded Diesel TankAtlas 5000FDA Bunded Diesel Tank

Atlas 5000FDA Locking fuel cabinet containing: 240v pump 56L/min. (12v available) 6m hose with auto cut-off nozzle. Flow meter and total me......
2,599.00 (3,118.80 inc. VAT)

Deso V3500DD Bunded Diesel Fuel Dispensing tankDeso V3500DD Bunded Diesel Fuel Dispensing tank

Deso V3500DD bunded diesel fuel storage tank. Tank Dimensions as follows:- Capacity: 3450 Litres Diameter: 2120 mm Height: 1750 mm Weight: 205......
1,760.00 (2,112.00 inc. VAT)

5000EVFD Envirostore Bunded Fuel Dispenser5000EVFD Envirostore Bunded Fuel Dispenser

Envirostore 5000 litre bunded fuel dispenser 230v. Dimensions of tank:- Length: 2818 mm Width: 2138 mm Height: 2100 mm Brimful capasity: 5280......
2,610.00 (3,132.00 inc. VAT)

Harlequin 5000BFS/A  Bunded BioFuel StationHarlequin 5000BFS/A Bunded BioFuel Station

5000BFS/A BioFuel Station Length: 2950 mm Width: 2520 mm Height: 2500 mm Weight: 380 kg Actual Capacity: 5307 Litres Nominal Capacity: 50......
4,885.00 (5,862.00 inc. VAT)

6000VBFS Tuffa Bunded Fuel Station6000VBFS Tuffa Bunded Fuel Station

6000 Litre Tuffa bunded fuel station making easy fuel storage solutions. Diameter: 2547 mm Height: 2650 mm Weight: 430kg Brim full capacity: 6000......
2,690.00 (3,228.00 inc. VAT)

Piusi Panther 72 Diesel PumpPiusi Panther 72 Diesel Pump

PANTHER 72 represents the results of a careful analysis of the requirements connected with transferring and distributing diesel fuel. These self-primi......
160.00 (192.00 inc. VAT)

Piusi Box, 12v / 24v Portable Diesel PumpPiusi Box, 12v / 24v Portable Diesel Pump

Piusi Box, 12v and 24v Portable diesel pumping solution in a box. The easily transportable storage container is designed to protect the components fro......
215.00 (258.00 inc. VAT)

Piusi Cube Wall Mounting KitPiusi Cube Wall Mounting Kit

This wall mounting kit is used to fit the cube units directly onto a wall. 2 x wall brackets For use with the Piusi Cube 56, Cube 70 & Cube 70MC. ......
43.00 (51.60 inc. VAT)

90 1" F BSP Elbow90 1" F BSP Elbow

90 BSP Elbow - for the BP3000 pump. 1" F BSP and comes in a pack of 1. Image is for illustration purposes and are not all shown.......
9.60 (11.52 inc. VAT)

High Flow Lever Hand PumpHigh Flow Lever Hand Pump

Hand operated diesel transfer pump. Suitable for transferring diesel fuel, oil and rapsoil from storage tanks, drums and barrels. [list> Diesel......
42.00 (50.40 inc. VAT)

DF1 Drum Funnel with LidDF1 Drum Funnel with Lid

DF1 Drum funnel with integral debris strainer and lid. The 4kg Polyethylene drums are manufactured for easy use and are compatible with most liquids. ......
55.00 (66.00 inc. VAT)

2 Drum Bund Spill Pallet BP2HD Heavy Duty2 Drum Bund Spill Pallet BP2HD Heavy Duty

BP2HD 40kg Polyethylene drum bund spill pallet, designed for the safe and compliant storage of 205 litre drums. Extra ribbed design for added strengt......
220.00 (264.00 inc. VAT)

1 Drum Bund Spill Pallet With Wheels BT2301 Drum Bund Spill Pallet With Wheels BT230

BT230 44kg Polyethylene drum bund spill pallet with wheels, designed for the safe, transportable and compliant storage of 205 litre drums. Simple to ......
288.00 (345.60 inc. VAT)

IBC Bund Spill Containment With Dispensing Area BB1DIBC Bund Spill Containment With Dispensing Area BB1D

BB1D 86kg Polyethylene bund single IBC secondary containment solution with dispensing area for 1 x 1000 litre IBC. Comes with removable grid. Leng......
496.00 (595.20 inc. VAT)

IBC Bund Spill Containment Overflow Tray BB2TIBC Bund Spill Containment Overflow Tray BB2T

BB2T 4kg Polyethylene bund double IBC secondary containment overflow tray for use with BB2. Length: 530 mm Width: 510 mm Height: 560 mm Weight......
90.00 (108.00 inc. VAT)

Petrol Storage Tank, Maxi 3750 Litres, Above Ground TankPetrol Storage Tank, Maxi 3750 Litres, Above Ground Tank

The 3750 litre 'Maxi' petrol storage and dispensing tank has been designed and manufactured in the UK to meet the requirements of European and UK petr......

Armorgard HMC1 Safestor Mobile Cupboard 35kgArmorgard HMC1 Safestor Mobile Cupboard 35kg

Armorgard HMC1 Safestor mobile cupboard for fuel and chemical storage 35kg. * Flush handles with two point locking * Reinforced doors, powder coat......
314.00 (376.80 inc. VAT)

Armorgard FS2.0M Flamstor Collapsible Container 520kgArmorgard FS2.0M Flamstor Collapsible Container 520kg

Armorgard FS2.0M Flamstor walk in collapsible container is bolted together, making it ideal for areas with restricted access. For safe storage of che......
2,731.00 (3,277.20 inc. VAT)

Armorgard FBC4 Flambank Site Chest 170kgArmorgard FBC4 Flambank Site Chest 170kg

Armorgard FBC4 Flambank fuel and chemical storage site chest. Complete with 1 lock and 2 brass keys. Flambank fully complies with all regulations fo......
660.00 (792.00 inc. VAT)