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Cold Snap, check oil heating system

posted on 2 November 2016 | posted in General News

Prepare for a cold winter, OFTEC warns UK Households with oil firedheating.

Wednesday 02.11.2016

The prediction is that 2016 will see a very cold winter. Households in the UK are urged to check their oil heating system before the cold snap starts. Temperatures are still reasonable but don't let this fool you.

Despite 2015 being one of the mildest winters on record, the increase of winter deaths seen last year, when vulnerable people living in cold homes was a major contributory factor, this warning should be taken seriously.

In response to this, OFTEC are prompting households with oil fired heating systems to check their heating systems are working efficiently. If you do this your house can stay warm this winter, plus it will save your fuel bills too!

A few tips to make sure your heating system is ready for the cold snap:

Make sure your boiler is serviced by an OFTEC registered technician so everything is working correctly and efficiently

Check your heating oil tank for any damage, cracks or obstructions before topping up. If in any doubt please call

Tank Services on 01722 714514.

Any water in the tank may freeze, blocking oil pipe and filters. A water dip check is quick and can save long term damage.

Check your oil tank gauge frequently to keep an eye on the level.

Top up your oil tank to avoid a last minute rush, especially around Christmas. Fuel distributors do get very busy and might not be able to top your tank at the last minute.

Check the timer on your boiler controls to ensure your heating comes on at the correct times.

Adjust thermostatic valves on individual radiators. Turn them down in rooms you are not using.

Malcolm Farrow, from OFTEC,commented: "With winter still weeks away,it is easy for households to be put off checking their heating system until the cold weather arrives. However, waiting until the last minute could leave you in the cold with a costly repair bill. Cold snaps also put an extra strain on heating systems so having your boiler serviced by an OFTEC registered technician will help you avoid any problems and provide you with piece of mind that everything is working correctly."
Households are also being reminded to top up their oil tank early to take advantage of the low oil price.
Malcolm added: "It is a fantastic time to be on heating oil with households benefiting from significantly lower fuel costs, currently 50% cheaper than homes on LPG or electric storage heaters. As a result, homeowners will be able to keep their heating on for longer to keep warm this winter."

Cold Snap Winter 2016

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