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Oil Tanks Recycled into Paintball Arena

posted on 19 February 2014 | posted in News

Like any mechanical piece of equipment, oil tanks, after many years of filling and emptying cycles will eventually fail. With single skin plastic tanks this failure usually happens at the top of the tank which gets the most sunlight and weather, or occasionally at a stress concentration at the side of the tank. Usually the plastic will start to crack, then opening up into a split resulting in a leak if the cracks are not found and the tank not replaced.
Recycled oil tank

Because we offer a complete installation service, part of the package to install a new bunded tank is the oil tank removal and recycling service, we end up with redundant plastic oil tanks. The normal procedure is to bring the tanks back to our yard where we cut an access hole in the top and clean the tanks out with a special vacuum tanker. The cleaned tanks then have to be sent to a specialist plastics recycling processor who will use energy grinding the tank plastic into reusable plastic.

This takes time and energy to achieve, so when Mark from Paintball Warriors in Dorset contacted us to see if he could have some old tanks, we were only too happy to let him take some tanks away and reuse them to make some interesting features for his paintball site. Mark said "The old oil tanks make our games zones more interesting and fun" adding "The vertical tanks make great pill boxes, after a bit of modification with a saw to cut a doorway and slots to fire out of. And being made out of plastic it's a safe material that won't rust or splitter when players get a bit active with when running around the game fields."

Paintball Warriors recycled oil tank

As a bonus to us, Mark has kindly invited our staff to play some paintball at his site in Wimborne, Dorset. Apparently our engineers and office staff get to wear camouflaged overalls and bosses have to wear Hi-Vis jackets?!

Paintball Warriors Dorset can be contacted on 07792579217 and the site address is:
Paintball Warriors
Uddens Drive
BH21 7BQ
See their website for more details at Paintball warriors Dorset
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