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Protect you water bowser

posted on 15 November 2010 | posted in General News

With winter now upon us and frost hitting the ground it's important to protect your equipment that contains water from damage. Water bowsers, hoses, pumps, pressure washing and spraying equipment are all vulnerable to damage from water as it freezes and expands cracking valves and bursting open pipes Storing your water bowser and equipment under cover or in a garage will protect it from a light morning frost, but when the cold hits harder and temperatures drop below freezing for a prolonged period of time it is a better plan, if the equipment is not going to be used for some time, to drain as much water out of your expensive equipment as possible. Remove any drain plugs. Disconnect hoses and allow all the water to drain out. Remove nozzles and guns and spray heads and allow to drain. If its not possible to do this, then drain as much water off as possible and flush the equipment through with anti-freeze which will protect from freezing and will have corrosion inhibitors too, but check the anti-freeze container for compatibility with the materials used in your equipment. Don't forget to flush out the anti-freeze when you need to use the equipment again. Please dispose of anti-freeze in an environmental safe way.
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