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Recycling of water key to sustainability, says expert

posted on 26 June 2012 | posted in General News

The way to establish water sustainability has been discussed by an industry expert, who highlighted the importance of reusing water. Roger Harrabin, an environmental analyst, wrote on bbc.co.uk that there are water shortages all over the world - including the south east of England - and projections of future rainfall mean there could be further trouble ahead. However, in his opinion, a water crisis is "eminently avoidable" in most countries, with the answer often lying in the way that people recycle and reuse water. This suggests he would be in favour of rainwater storage products and other water recycling systems. Mr Harrabin remarked: "Sustainable water depends on several factors: establishing with people who owns water, who will pay for it and how much and that the water is finite and therefore also has to be limited." According to ecofriendnews.com, the fight to provide clean air and water are the two biggest challenges around at the moment, with the latter problem perhaps not given the seriousness it deserves. The news resource said that 1.1 billion in the world do not have access to clean water and this is impacting their countries' development. For Mr Harrabin, the answer to water shortages is for society to find the money and "resolve" to bring about change.
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