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Diesel Fuel Management for a busy yard

fuel tankWith over 30 vehicles and drivers drawing diesel from the yard tank at J K Recovery in Leighton Buzzard, the stock control was relying on each driver filling in a paper sheet with name, date, time, registration number and the number of litres pumped out in to the vehicle. This was then passed to the bookkeeping department, if the paper copy survived! When the operation director at J K Recovery contacted Southern Tank Service Ltd, we where keen to provide a cost effective solution to meet the needs of a busy recovery yard, with drivers coming and going at all hour to fulfil the needs of the busy.

The basic requirements are to be able to automate the recording of each fuel transaction. J K Recovery wanted some simple data to be recorded, this included the name of the driver, the registration number, time and date, quantity of diesel delivered and the option of mileage too.

The existing diesel dispensing pump and tank were perfectly serviceable although the flow meter had stopped working! The proposal we agreed on was to install a 'Piusi MC Box" fuel management system connected to a pulse output flow meter with a data transfer key and software for the office computer. This system uses magnetic keys programmed to identify each driver by registration number. When the key is touched to MC Box, the system will then allow fuel to be dispensed and recorder the date, time and fuel quantity delivered and allows mileage and drivers name if needed. Once a month this data is downloaded to the office computer and reconciled against the deliveries made to the tank. This data is also exported as a spreadsheet where the average miles per gallon is calculated to keep track of each vehicles performance.

J K Recovery have been using the system for several months now and both the drivers and administration like the system for the ease of use with no more paper recording sheets to forget and potentially lose. The administration staff get the data required directly in the windows based program to keep a careful management of the fuel stock, vehicle & driver performance and mileage travelled.

The whole system was installed with very little down time to the fuel dispensing pump and including demonstration and system training, the work was completed in a day.

If you have a requirement for a fuel management system for a new or existing installation, please feel free to contact us with a brief description and let us propose a solution