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Checkatrade information for Southern Tank Services Ltd

Harlequin Plastics

Southern Tank Services Ltd are area distributers and approved suppliers for Harlequin Plastics, a range of different models and capacities available up to 10,000 litres, there is sure to be a Harlequin tank to suit almost any agricultural, commercial, domestic or industrial installation. Every Harlequin tank has been engineered from the outset to exceed the most demanding technical, environmental and regulatory requirements. Harlequin products are fully CE marked where appropriate. Declarations of performance are available on request.

Single Skin Oil Tank:Harlequin single skin tank

Harlequin single skin tanks are the simplest form of oil storage still compliant in some domestic installations after an Oil Storage Risk Assessment has been completed. All Harlequin tanks are manufactured to OFTEC or European standard, OFS T100 for plastic tanks. Please contact us with your requirements via email or telephone.

Harlequin Bunded Oil Tanks:
Harlequin bunded
Harlequin bunded tanks are environmentally preferred and consist of a 'tank with a tank'. The inner tank is the primary storage vessel, while the outer tank acts as a failsafe containment system. Like the Harlequin single skin tank, the bunded oil tanks have been manufactured to meet environmental and regulatory requirement. The Harlequin Bunded oil tanks are available in two options, 'HQI" and 'iTank'.

Harlequin Fuel Points:Harlequin WOT
Harlequin bunded diesel storage and dispensing tanks used to deliver fuel and plant machinery, it's a general description used for a bunded tank with an integrated pump, hose and automatic cut-off nozzle, often incorporating a flow meter and filter.The Harlequin bunded are available in 'Fuel Point" and 'Fuel Station"

Water Storage Tanks:
Harlequin WST
Harlequin water storage tanks are ideal for agricultural, domestic, commercial and industrial use. The Harlequin water storage tanks are manufactured from a robust, one piece, rotationally moulded medium density polyethylene approved in the UK by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS). Available in 'Non Potable', designed for storing water not to be used for human consumption and 'Potable', especially designed for human consumption.

Rainwater Harvesters:
Harlequin Rain Water Harvesting
Harlequin 'Rainew" Rainwater Harvesters give homeowners the chance to collect and recycle rainwater in order to re-use it around the house. The rainwater systems are an ideal upgrade from water butt as they can provide clean, 'soft" water at mains pressure which means cleaning the car requires less soap, leaves less water marks and plants prefer water without expensive tap water additives such as chlorine The Harlequin Rainwater Harvesters are available in the 'AG" or AG plus', the AH plus comes with a pump.

Waste Oil Tanks: Harlequin WOT

Harlequin waste oil tanks can be free standing with a funnel type tundish lid for draining trays and filters, to store oil ready for collection, or low level filling tanks to allow pouring in of the oil from a low level and pumped into the tank for collection. The Harlequin bunded waste oil tanks have been engineered for the safe, secure and environmentally responsible storage of waste oils and lubricants.