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Apollo Ultrasonic Level Gauge For Oil Tanks
£66.00 (inc VAT) £55.00 (exc VAT)

Apollo Ultrasonic Level Gauge For Oil Tanks

£66.00 (inc VAT) £55.00 (exc VAT)

Product Description

Apollo Ultrasonic Level Gauge For Oil Tanks

The Apollo Oil Gauge is the most reliable oil tank gauge on the market today. The Apollo uses a high quality FM signal to send out tank readings to a receiver placed in your home or office. The Apollo is easy to install and can be ready for use within minutes. This Apollo is a universal tank gauge, meaning that it can be fitted to any size or shape of tank up to 3 metres in height. The Apollo has independent transmitter and receiver any transmitter can be re-coded with any receiver.

The Apollo shows levels of fuel in your tank as a 10 bar display on the receiver. The transmission range is 200m and the transmitter contains a tried and test long life lithium battery. The Apollo transmitter is a totally sealed unit using UV stabilized material, therefore avoiding any problems associated with weathering.

The Apollo transmitter fits into a 20mm/32mm diameter hole on the top of the tank, or by using the plastic adaptor (optional) fits a standard 38mm (1.5") gauge socket normally found in steel tanks. Suitable for use in tanks for the storage of diesel fuel, kerosene, and gas oil, Types A2, C1, C2, and D as defined by BS 2869. The Apollo meets EC and EMC regulations.


10 bar graph level display. Early warning Indication at a pre-determined height above tank bottom. Tank empty warning flashes red LED and audible warning at a pre-determined height from tank bottom.

Tank Depth measurement :
Minimum Depth: 0.1 m Maximum Depth: 3 m

Max communication distance:
200m in normal 'line of sight" conditions

Power Supply :
Receiver: 150-250V, 50-60Hz, Meets EN60335
Transmitter: 3-volt lithium cell ( 3V-CR2430)

Battery life :
10 years (estimated life)

Wireless communications:
433 mHz.FM transmission, EN 300-220

Max and Min Operation Temp (Transmitter):
Operating temperature range -10̴́ - +60̴́C.

Not Suitable for pressurized containers. Use on tanks vented to Atmosphere.

Battery Removal:

Remove the transmitter unit from the tank and take it to a safe location.
The battery can be accessed by removing 2 self-tapping screws from the base of the unit.
Remove the old battery noting the orientation ('+" mark facing outwards), and replace with a new battery. 3V-CR2430.
Re-assemble, ensuring the O-Ring is undamaged and secured in position.
Re-locate the transmitter on the tank.
No Need to Rematch.
We have created clear instructions on how to change the battery, click here to down load


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