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Rainwater Harvesting

Water is becoming a valuable commodity, our climate makes the British Isles an ideal place rainwater1 to make the most of water from rainwater harvesting by storing the rain water in a water tank during the rainfall for use at a later date.

With many different rainwater harvesting products on the market from a simple water butt to a fully automated underground rainwater harvesting system that can be integrated into any existing plumbing, automatically switch from the rainwater tank to mains water supply when the rainwater tank is empty. We can tailor our product selection to meet your requirements using our range of above and below ground water storage tanks connected to booster pumps and automatic switch over pump systems.

rainwater3See our Rainwater Harvesting product menu for details of our complete systems and ancillaries.

You can make up your own system using any of our above ground or below ground water storage tanks coupled up to a booster pump and onward plumbing for taps, hoses or irrigation. rainwater 3We cover both domestic and commercial.

If you have any queries regarding Rainwater Harvesting, grants, or how to calculate your costs please contact us by phone or use our contact page