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Top Outlet Oil Storage Tanks V Bottom Outlet Heating Oil Tanks

New double skin bunded oil tanks are the safest way to store heating oil, with the secondary containment preventing spills and leaks effecting the environment but the pipework is still at risk of leakage. But what can be done?

Top outletA bottom outlet tank uses gravity to allow oil to flow to the appliance, that's great until you have a leak or weep in the

outlet valve or any of the pipework, which could go undetected for years. With a top outlet tank, oil is drawn out of the top of the tank and along the pipe to the appliance, so there is no need to have a hole in the bottom of the tank.

By using a top outlet complete with anti-siphon valve, only when the boiler demands oil, will the anti-siphon valve open and allow oil to flow, so in the event of a damaged or leaking pipe or joint—No oil will flow from the tank saving oil loss to the environment.

Top outlet tanks will only work with boilers that have pumps, Agas and vaporising burners used in some range cookers would need an oil pump installing to work correctly. 95% of pressure jet boilers will work with a top outlet tank but we
can advise you on that.

To work efficiently, an oil de-aerator, such as a 'Tiger Loop' or 'GOK' will be required. As the oil supply will be under a slight negative pressure, small bubbles of air can form in the pipework (similar to opening a bottle of fizzy drink). The de-aerator will allow this air to bleed away and the boiler to run efficiently.

The Advantages of the Top Outlet System:

  • Environmentally safest, no chance of a continuous undetected oil pipe leak emptying the tank.
  • For existing pipework or new installations.
  • De-aerator oil loop improves boiler efficiency.
  • Floating oil pick-up supplies the cleanest fuel to the boiler.
  • No bottom outlet reduces the change of the valve and filter leaking.

If you would like more information on top outlet tanks for domestic heating oil, please feel free to call us or email