About Us

What our team are all about!

Chris Ford and Ross Cowan: The two started a small business in 2002 from not much more than a small outbuilding on the side of a farm. Friendly, forward-thinking individuals with a keen eye for providing a service that is much more personal than the competition.

Mission Statement

To create a personable brand with combined experience and demeanour being the pillars of the business.  To supply our clients with the best knowledge and advice to allow the most efficient and cost-effective solution to their individual requirements.

Chris Ford, excels at introducing innovative and efficient new technologies and practices to both his admin staff and the office team, Ensuring extra care and attention are provided, whether it’s for a Senior citizen in desperate need of heating or a vulnerable individual at risk from the cold.

Ross excels with the Engineers and installation teams. Utilising formidable knowledge of intricate regulations surrounding tank installation and environmental hazards.

Ross keeps his team trained and informed to the highest standards. Going above and beyond making sure they all know the fundamentals of AGAs and Boilers; extra to an installers remit.

Office Team

Our office team ensures the smooth running of the business– quite frankly, we don’t know where we would be without them!

We bring a wealth of experience from many backgrounds to deliver exceptional service.

If we can’t provide you with a service due to the distance, we’ll happily point you to a reputable team near you. The extra expense you’d incur from a space is not worth it, even for our exemplary service.

Our specialists will dutifully answer any questions about any of our products. Call 01722 714514 for any advice, and we’ll gladly help! You can also contact us using our Contact Form.

Online Store

After an impressive start, it only made sense to Evolve Tank Services to an online store. While There have been many variations, we’ve settled on this gorgeous site. 

Thus enabling us to offer a far more comprehensive range of products. We can help you soar to the right page, starting with our home page with some huge offers to browse. And ending with a cart full of precisely what you were looking for!