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About Us

It’s tough to know what to put down when writing an about us page. Much like an interview where they ask you what your strengths are. Sure you could think of a thousand things you’re good at in your own time but in their time? Minds race and words struggle to form.
Thankfully I’ve got loads of time to make it clear in black and white exactly what our team members are all about!

So I’ll start with the two that started a small business in not much more than a shed. Chris Ford and Ross Cowan a pair of friendly, forward-thinking individuals with a keen eye for providing a service that much more personable than their competition.

Their mission statement to create a personable brand with their experience and demeanour as the pillars for their business. Chris Ford, one of the two directors, knows where extra care and attention is needed. Whether it’s for an elderly person in desperate need of heating, or a vulnerable individual at risk from the cold. Chris excels at introducing innovative and efficient new technologies and practices to both his admin staff and install teams.

Where Ross excels is with his teams! Utilising a formidable knowledge of the intricate regulations surrounding tank installations and environmental hazards. Ross keeps his team trained and informed to the highest standards. Even going above and beyond to make sure they all know the fundamentals of AGAs and Boilers; extra to an installers remit.

Online Store

Their incredible dedication to providing a comprehensive, high-quality service is what has propelled their business forward. After their impressive start, it only made sense to spread their business to an online store. Through the many variations there have been we’ve come to settle on this gorgeous site. 

The online business is hopefully going to take us that one step further. Enabling us to offer a far wider range of products. With which we can help you soar to the right page; starting with our home page with some huge offers to browse. And ending with a cart full of exactly what you were looking for!

Office Team

About us? Well, we pride ourselves on our friendly and helpful attitude. If we can’t provide you with a service due to the distance we’ll happily provide a team nearer to your premises. The expense you’d incur from the distance is simply not worth it; even for our exemplary service.
Aside from that, any questions you have about any of our products will be dutifully answered by our specialists. Call 01722 714514 for any advice you need and we’ll be happy to help! You can also contact us using our Contact Form

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