Underground Oil Tank Installations

Underground oil tank installation for the safe supply of heating fuel oil. Ideal for domestic boilers and home heating appliances.  Underground tanks have some advantages over above-ground fuel tanks.

Where space is limited, or you may not want to see your oil tank in the garden, burying it out of sight is an option.   A ground-level cover is all that will be visible.  Fuel theft is less likely with this stealthy, out-of-sight installation.  We supply industry-leading underground tanks from specialist manufacturers explicitly designed for below-ground use.  These domestic double-skin underground fuel tanks, with leak detection, are available in sizes from 1400 litres up to a commercial size capacity of over 60,000L.

Typical underground oil tank installation process
Underground Oil storage Tank installation

Tank Services will handle every aspect of installing an underground oil tank from start to finish, including pipework, transferring any oil you may have in an above-ground tank and removing and recycling your redundant tank.  If you plan on a new installation, you may need to apply for planning permission.  You must also consider the location and access to allow a tanker to deliver the oil.

  • After a site visit to assess your installation requirements and provide a detailed quotation…
  • Dig an excavation for the chosen tank capacity.
  • Install a concrete base in the hole.
  • Install the tank in the excavation.
  • Backfill in careful stages to avoid the tank moving.
  • Carry out pipework trenching to connect to the boiler or heating appliance.
  • Transfer oil to the new installation
  • Make the ground good to a surface finish to suit the surroundings.

Costs associated with installing an underground tank will always be more than an above-ground installation of a similar size.  These costs include excavation, spoil removal, concrete, and backfilling.  So expect a quotation in the region of £10,000.  This is subject to a site visit as each installation is unique.

Tank Services also carries out commercial underground tank installations for heating fuels, vehicle fuel dispensing, generators and other oil storage requirements.

Call or inquire now to book a free assessment to discuss your underground oil tank options.