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​Why Service Your Oil Tank Storage System?

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To ensure the longest possible life from your Oil tank storage system and to comply with manufacturers warranty, it is important to service your oil tank as recommended by OFTEC.

OFTEC recently released a video which explains the importance of servicing your oil tank regularly.

A damaged oil tank can present you with huge costs and possible fines for spillages and leaks. A small amount of domestic heating oil can cause a lot of damage to the environment, which can threaten wildlife and their habitat, or even human life.

Any signs of damage or water identified in the tank should be addressed immediately to prevent any possible deterioration of the system and further damage to the appliances.

We at Tank Services can check your oil tank annually. We can also provide you with a service log for the next ten years, this is a MOT style log book which is transferable when you sell your home. It includes all your tank details, service logs and a fuel log.

When we carry out a service, we:

Inspect your tank for:

  • Damage, interference or any obvious leaks
  • Signs of corrosion/degradation
  • Signs of distortion or bulging
  • Ancillary's to tank are secure and oil/water tight
  • Liquid in the bund

Check the contents gauge:

  • Mechanical
  • Electronic
  • Sight Gauge

Check the environment for;

  • Obvious changes in the supporting structure and base
  • Oil staining on supports or ground near the tanks
  • Plant growth, overhanging branches & clearance if minor or advisory.

Carry out the following important service:

  • Water dip test
  • Change or clean the oil filter
  • Bleed the oil system.

For more information call us on or email 714514

T&C's it is a home owner's responsibility to ensure their oil tank, associated pipework and ancillary equipment is in good condition and in a safe state for continuous use. Our tank inspection and service is carried out in line with OFTEC recommendations. The pressure testing of an oil pipe is a spot test that the oil pipe is holding pressure, it is not a guarantee of the overall condition of the pipe. Southern Tank Services LTD will not be held responsible for the condition of the oil pipe and any loss of oil due to an oil pipe failure.