Bunded Oil Tanks

Ensure efficient oil storage with our Bunded Oil Tanks. These tanks are designed to meet the demands of various industries, providing a secure and reliable storage solution for your oil needs. Whether you need to store heating oil, diesel, or other liquids, our tanks offer superior performance and durability. Choose from various options to fit your specific requirements and enjoy peace of mind knowing your oil is stored safely. Please browse our selection to find the perfect Bunded Oil Tank for your application.

What is a Bunded Oil Tank?

Bunded Oil Tanks are the standard of choice for Oil Storage central heating due to updated regulations on fire safety and the environment. Double-skinned 'Bunded' tanks protect the area around them from the environmentally hazardous oil inside. The outer skin forms a backup in case the inner tank fails. Without a bund, leaking oil seeps into the ground, severely damaging the local ecosystem and your wallet!

How does Secondary Containment work?

Creating built-in Secondary Containment commonly involves starting with the plastic single-skin variant of the tank. This inner tank stores the fuel oil and has the gauge and other equipment installed. 

Two parts often form the outer bund: a larger lower bund of 110% inner tank capacity and an upper 'lid'. To create the integrally bunded tank, the inner tank is inserted into the outer bund. The outer tank bund is complete when the two parts are connected. A large hatch lid on the upper bund gives access to the inner tank for filling and installing level gauges and environmental alarms.

Regulatory Bodies, OFTEC and Markings for Bunded Fuel Tanks.

Nearly all of our bunded tanks have OFCERT numbers. That means they are tested and approved by OFTEC (the 'Oil Fired Technical Association')  for installation by a Certified OFTEC Engineer because we only recommend compliant installations.

Bunded fuel Storage for heating oil comes in all shapes and sizes. We can find one that's right for you! All our tanks are CE Marked and meet British Standard 5410 for Plastic Tanks and BS 799-5 for Steel. So you can rest assured that they only come from trusted manufacturers. 

Can I Install My Own Oil Tank?

The Short answer is Yes, but work installing heating systems and oil tanks in the UK requires Building Regulations Approval. If a Building Inspector approves your work, you can install your own oil tank. There are specialist Building Control Inspectors where you can apply for approval. Tank Services recommends JHAI Building Control Inspectors for installation not carried out by OFTEC-qualified engineers.

An Installation Engineer with an OFTEC 600a qualification and current OFTEC registration can self-certify the installation and register the work with OFTEC. This is how Southern Tank Services Ltd carries out most of our oil tank installation work. Any oil tank with an OFTEC OFCERT number can be installed this way. Oil tanks must meet OFTEC standards - OFS T100 for plastic tanks and OFS T200 for steel oil tanks.

What does Oil Heating do? Why does the tank matter so much?

Oil Central Heating provides all the heat and hot water to your home. That means your hot tap, warm showers, washing machine, and dishwasher rely on your oil heating tank. 

Your boiler will also burn the oil when needed to heat your home. Keeping your tank clean will ensure that your boiler receives high-quality oil, which minimises boiler breakdowns and keeps the system efficient.

Slimline Bunded Oil Storage Tanks.

Bunded Oil Tanks are larger than their single-skin counterparts. However, with our incredible range of slimline oil tanks, you can squeeze them in where you need to! The narrow design allows for installation in smaller spaces and also provides access to pass-through garden paths and gates for access to the rear garden.

Bunded Oil Tank Brands We Stock.

We stock fuel storage from manufacturers we've worked with for over two decades. That's because they only provide quality from right here in the UK. Thanks to work by the Environment Agency, OFTEC and Building Regulations, fuel storage in the UK is safe due to the safety standards and tank construction certification.

Smaller bunded heating oil tanks like the 650 Litre Harlequin & 650 Litre Carbery Tanks provide compact storage for smaller properties. These small capacity tanks offer a good choice for low oil consumption holiday homes or park homes.

For most home installations, we recommend the 1000-litre Slimline Bunded Oil Tank found here. Slightly larger sizes include a 1250-litre Slimline model from Deso that promises 48-hour delivery!

Bigger Fuel Tanks for Heating the Home. When the building inspector approves Titan Oil Tanks, the robust Slimline Oil Tank includes a Contents Gauge & Alarm! 1300 litre, 2500 Litre & 5000 Litre Bunded tanks are available in almost any shape, size or brand. 

Harlequin, Tuffa and Atlantis provide solutions for up to 10,000 Litre Bunded Oil Tanks. Plus, they provide Bunded Steel Tanks and Plastic Bunded Oil Storage solutions with Cabinets and low-level fill points.

The Safety of Bunded Fuel Storage.

We recommend safe Oil Storage for heating systems at all times. However, in environmentally sensitive areas, it is a legal requirement. One of our Free Assessments will discover the need for a bunded tank. 

The Outer Skin forms a protective 110% capacity bund around the fuel tank's plastic single-skin container. Bunded tanks catch oil from cracks & spills from the internal tank fittings or overfilling! Therefore, protecting our environment, water supplies and homes from oil contamination installation on Bunded Oil Tanks

Thanks to our OFTEC Qualified Engineers, we can install Bunded Fuel Tanks at your home or commercial premises. To arrange an assessment or for more info, inquire here!

Comprehensive Bunded Oil Tank Supply & Installation Services.

With an incredible amount of experience in Oil Storage Installations and knowledge of oil storage regulations, we are positioned to offer our customers an extensive range of Oil Tank products and services.

It's safe to buy from the experts on Oil Tanks, and that's precisely what we are. Over 21 Years of Experience in the oil heating industry proves we know what we're talking about.

Secure checkout and on-hand advice ensure your purchase will be educated and safe. Use our Live Chat for assistance in picking out the right bunded oil tank for you, or feel free to pick up the phone to talk to our friendly and experienced engineers.  We're real humans, so feel free to pick our brains!