Boot Cleaners & Washers

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Keep those filthy boots out of your workplace with a Boot Cleaner. You can pop in your shoes to wash them off with the built-in brushes and water spray spout. Scrape off the dirt with a scraper plate and away you go!

These CEMO Boot Cleaners match up perfectly with hygiene stations to ensure the cleanliness of rooms & equipment. These Boot Washers come in high-quality UV resistant MDPE and stainless steel. Industrial washing brushes simultaneously hit the soles and sides of the boots cleanly. Keeping the sides and soles of your wellington boots clean with one of these industrial boot washers ensures no one trails dirt and mud through your building.

Our Plastic Boot Cleaners hold up to the rugged and tough life of on-site use. So look no further for a boot washing machine or welly cleaner.

Equipment Hygiene

These Shoe Cleaners are versatile too and there’s no reason you can’t use this boot washer machine for tools. It’s easy to clean off a shovel using the tough bristles and water supply to wash off any excess grime. Keeping your tool storage clean and protected from dirt & rust. Turn up to jobs with sparkling equipment and you’ll look that much more professional.