Carbery Single Skin Tanks

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Carbery is an Irish tank manufacturer that has been in the industry for over 40 Years! Their Single Skin Tanks are suitable for some domestic installations where regulations are met. Any bodies of water nearby will often mean a Single Skin Oil Tank will require a constructed bund likely made of concrete.
With UV Stabilised protection from the damage that sunlight inflicts on plastic. Non-Potable water can be stored in these tanks. Enabling storage of rainwater for gardens.
All are supplied complete with lockable filling & inspection points, a 1″ BSP Bottom Outlet, Weatherproof Venting and a Contents Gauge Gland.
The Weatherproof Venting on these Oil Tanks prevents rain from getting in and condensation building up on the inside. This is ideal as water in the oil can cause bacteria to grow which produce a much that can clog pipes, harm burners & equipment.
Carbery’s plastic tanks keep maintenance low due to their premium, corrosion-resistant materials. Plus they are fully recyclable thanks to their innovative design and manufacturing techniques.
At Southern Tank Services we can remove and install these tanks in a wide range of locations. We can also take away your old tank, clean it and recycle it! So you can rest assured that your oil tank isn’t going to waste.