Heating Oil Tanks

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Heating Oil Tanks

We can supply the Cheapest Heating Oil Tanks backed up with a Price Guarantee. We take pride in matching any valid quote for any of our products. Our vast stock of plastic bunded oil tanks and steel bunded fuel tanks fulfils all requirements.

We have over 16 years of experience selling and installing oil tanks. When buying your new tank, you will have the assurance that we are an OFTEC 9001:2008 certified company. All our Plastic Bunded Heating Oil Tanks have a 10-year warranty and are suitable for storing fuels, heating oil, kerosene, diesel, lubricants and more.

Slimline Oil Tanks

The popular 1000 litre Slimline Bunded Fuel Containers have a category just for them. This category includes 1200 Litre and 1400 Litre Tanks with a narrow shape. Ideal Domestic Fuel Tanks due to their ability to fit into tighter spots than other tank solutions.

Cheaper Vertical tanks make it difficult to justify buying a slimmer tank when you can get more capacity for your money. The aesthetics, however, make them attractive to people who want to keep their garden clear and clean.

Single Skin Oil Tanks

Inherently unsafe we rarely recommend single skin storage for oil-fired homes. These cheaper tanks sacrifice security for less material. By not utilising a built-in bund the owner of one of these tanks puts their property at risk of oil spills and costly contamination. However, if you have a constructed sealed bund in place that can catch any spillage then one of these tanks can be safely installed inside of it.
The warranty period is another reason to opt for a bunded tank over a single skin. The Single Skin Oil Tanks usually only come with a 2 Year Warranty. This is to encourage the transition to safer more compliant bunded storage.

Steel Tanks

We have a wide range of tank choices available to you and Steel is one of them. Steel provides extra security from thieves, knocks and bumps. This is the strength of steel it will hold up over time with resistance to the little things in life like kids kicking a football at it or bumping it with the mower. With the correct maintenance, this type of tank can last a long time but you have to be ready to keep them painted and safe from water ingress.

Bunded Tanks and Heating Fuel Tanks for Commercial & Domestic Properties.

Please continue to browse our stock of Bunded Tanks from Harlequin, DESO, Titan, Atlas Tanks, Envirostore, Tuffa and Western Global.

Plastic oil storage tanks start from small sizes of 650 litres to 15000 litres including 10,000-litre tanks. Much larger sizes are available in steel, up to 100,000 litres for the biggest commercial option.

We stock a range of tank fittings like outlet filter valves, all sorts of gauges, monitors and alarms. Available in both bottom and top outlet versions, before purchasing or installing a new tank please read these guides or feel free to call our aces on 01722 714514 or Contact Us via email.

Which Type of tank is Best?

To find out whether a Plastic or Steel tank would suit you best. This tool will help you decide which Tank is right for you – Best oil tank for home heating oil – Our Guide.

Looking for the best ways to protect your Fuel Tank and the rest of your central heating system – Home owner’s guide to Top Outlet or Bottom Outlet Oil Tanks.

With special offers over our range of products and the option of next day delivery, we couldn’t be more competitive!

Oil Tank Services

Southern Tank Services provide a free assessment of your Heating Oil Tank Installation so we determine your needs. We also cater to fuel storage tank cleaning when you need sludge removed prior to a refill. Tank Services install both underground and above ground tanks to the very highest standards. Our OFTEC & Building Regulations compliant work is reliable and stress-free.

Professional Certification – Peace of mind for our Customers

We are an OFTEC approved firm and they have a ‘Home Guide to Domestic Oil Tank Storage’, it’s a free PDF you can download here. Tank Services have been providing outstanding service for over 19 years. As such both, we and our clients are always very proud of our work. Take a look at our reviews on Check A Trade they are proof of our friendly expert team.

All Double Skinned Tanks are CE marked to comply with the Construction Product Regulations and with OFTEC standards. Environmental safety is important with all fuel storage. Bunding is the safest way to protect the environment from spills and pollution incidents.

If you can’t find the right option for you from these suppliers or have a question about sizes, prices, building regulations etc… Please contact our friendly experienced team who will be happy to discuss your needs and explore your options.

Call 01722 714514 our expert team or Contact Us via email with all your requirements.