Hose for Sale

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Hose for Sale here with Fast Delivery options.

High-Pressure Hose is perfect for power washers and as replacement hose. Attaches straight to a spray gun, the washer hose can help you neaten up those landscaped gardens.

Our pressure washer hose for sale is the perfect match for our vast selection of jet washers that we list here on our site.

Hose Reels

We can also supply hose reels for static installations like a car wash or vehicle washing bay.

We have expanded our range into garden hoses to hook up to electric pressure washers. Specifically electric washers as they generally have a flow rate below the legal limit allowed to draw water from the mains.

Layflat Hose for Sale

We can provide solutions for high flow water. Easy to store and protect against deformation from vehicles. Perfect for fire engines!

Custom Lengths of Hose!

All our hose can be bought in custom size rolls measured in metres. With discounts available for whole rolls including 10, 30, 50 & 100 metres on select hoses.