Mobile Water Bowsers

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Water Bowsers – Mobile and Transportable supplies of water are available in highway or site tow and skid units. These versatile water bowsers are ideal for remote areas. Including building sites, estates, golf clubs and sports grounds as well as many other uses. Use these bowsers with pumps for welfare cabins, catering units, irrigation and anywhere that mains water is not available.

These Bowser based water storage tanks come in many popular sizes! From 2 – 500 litres all the way up to 2000 litre tanks. Some of the more common mobile water bowsers are our 1000 litre, 1100 litre and 600 litre tanks.

These are great for pressure washer water supplies and can act as an All-In-One site water source. Their mobility makes them perfect for dust suppression using the tank water or as an IBC tank.

Potable water tanks are also sold here. These are for drinking water only and can be a god send for workers.