Oil Tank Accessories

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Flow Meters, oil tank gauges, oil filters & oil tank locks.

This is a few of the popular items. We have a stock of many oil tank and diesel tank accessories so please call or email with your requirements.

Our range of Tiger Loop oil de-aerators for use when a boiler is above the level of the oil tank. Use an oil de-aerator to allow for a single feed pipe. So there is no need to install a return to the tank pipe when using pressure jet burners with a 2 pipe system. Available for internal installation and external siting as well as offering a compatible model with Biofuels.

As with all oil-fired equipment, oil de-aerator loops should be installed by a suitably qualified engineer.

Tank level gauges and alarms for high level, Low level and bund warning alarms. If you need additional information then please feel free to call us.

Fire Valve testing kits are available for bunded oil tanks steel bunded or plastic bunded oil tanks.

Bottom Outlet Oil Tank Fitting Kit ideal for connecting fuel supply line to a standard Bottom Outlet Heating Oil Tank with a 1″ BSP connection point for 10mm or 15mm copper supply pipes

Tank locks and security products including oil tank locks, locking caps and fill point, tank alarms and other devices to keep your fuel oil secure.

Read our Advice on protecting your oil from Thieves! and you can read the Police’s advice here!

Products for the detection and removal of water from heating oil storage tanks and diesel tanks. Water in the fuel oil will cause a number of costly problems. Prevention is far more cost effective than removing the water. Especially when it’s already a problem for your boiler, Aga, Rayburn, other appliance or engine.

How to remove water from an oil tank? Browse our range of products or call our qualified tank experts if you would like some guidance on how to use these products.