Oil Tanks By Brand

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Domestic Heating Oil Tanks – Bunded Storage

Here you can easily sort through our Domestic Oil Tanks by brand. Choosing any of these Manufacturers will take you to a page with just their tanks on. Some people certainly prefer particular brands over others and that’s why we’ve made it easy.

OFTEC & Building Regulations

These brands of domestic oil tanks are all well respected and compliant with the building regulations of today.

Tank Services are OFTEC Registered Technicians so we know our products in and out. With 17+ Years experience in tank fitting, we can back that up!

Our Recommended Brands of Domestic Oil Tank

Plastic bunded oil tanks from DESO are our most used range as their fuel tanks have a quick lead time. We can rely on them on a daily basis to provide the type of tank we need for an install in time. That’s why we are comfortable recommending them to our customers!

Bunded Heating Oil Tanks contents gauges are available here too so make sure to check out our Accessories section. We can also provide fill points should the position of your new tank be out of reach for an oil tanker.

Common Domestic Fuel Tanks are in the 1200 Litre to 2000 Litre range. The low profile ESLP1200B to the ESSL2000B from Titan.

Why go new?

Oil Fired Boilers accompany most domestic heating oil storage tanks to form a complete heating system. The tank’s condition is essential for the health of that system and storing fuel is a serious matter to consider whether it’s 1000 litres or 10,000 litres.

Most of these oil tanks, plastic single skin, or bunded can usually be used as diesel tanks too! 

Contaminants and How to Avoid Them

Heating Oil Burners are becoming increasingly more susceptible to contaminants due to stricter engine and appliance tolerances. This stems from a stricter set of rules on Hydrocarbon burning appliances that haven’t been matched by fuel quality regs.

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