Oil Tank Gauges & Level Alarms

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Oil Tank Contents Gauges and Alarms

We have level gauges with high & low-level alarms plus bund warning alarms. With so many high-quality level monitors available it’s hard to know which is right for you. So here’s a quick guide:

Sight Gauges

As the name suggests, these are tank gauges that are read by a visible mini tank with a glass viewing window. One end is connected to the top of the tank and the other to the bottom. Using this method the oil that appears in the Sight Gauge is at exactly the same level as that in the tank.

Float Type Gauge

Float oil tank gauges are probably the simplest to fit and very reliable. The float gauge is fitted to the top of the tank and a float is attached which floats on the top. The gauge measures the force of the pull from the float to mechanically display the heating oil tank level.

Watchman Sonic

These types of fuel tank gauge are a little more sophisticated. They use a Sonic Radar to detect the level of the oil below the gauge. It measures the time it takes for the sound wave it sends out to reflect from the oil. Like a submarine!

There are a few different watchman variants:

The Watchman Sonic as mentioned above which can talk to a little receiver unit. You plug this unit into the wall and it can remotely inform you of your tank level. It will also warn you to get a refill when near empty 1/4 full

The Watchman Alarm works very like the Sonic but has a built-in alarm to warn of unusual loss of oil via leaks or theft.

Lastly, The Watchman Anywhere is a Smart Gauge that you can connect to your smartphone. Compatible with both iOS and Android phones you can track your oil storage tank from anywhere! There is a battery in the Gauge & a Yearly Subscription required for the app.

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