Petrol Pressure Washers

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With stricter diesel regulations coming into place a Petrol Pressure Washer is the way forwards. Bulletproof Honda Engines power the majority of this range. Therefore providing, excellent power and reliability.

Our range of petrol pressure washers uses an ultra reliable Honda or Briggs & Stratton 4 stroke petrol engine. Perfect engines for continued reliable power, day in, day out.

A Petrol driven pressure washer range for heavy duty and industrial jet cleaning. Available as frames with carrying handles or as mobile trolleys! The frames can be fixed to plates making them flexible for a wide range of uses. Perhaps you need a pressure washer unit to attach to a water bowser then check out this Honda Powered Pressure Washer.

Our supplier for these products, DualPumps, are fast and reliable meaning we can get your jet washer out to you fast. These pressure jet washers pair perfectly with a Surface Cleaner too! Making these the perfect powered tools for cleaning patios.

These Petrol powered pressure washers all come with free delivery so you can get your cleaning jobs done on time. Utilising high-quality pumps and high power pressure washers means you can blast through dirt and grime. Leaving patios like new and paintwork shiny. With washers up to 5800 psi, these powerful washers are petrol powered jet cleaners capable of stripping off nasty grit.

That equates to 400 BAR of pressure, higher than the Wilks USA & the 6.5hp petrol pressure washer.