Water Tanks

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Browse our High-Quality Plastic Water Tank Range! We have tanks for all purposes: fresh or rainwater, potable and non-potable water and insulated tanks. Please browse the categories below or call us with your requirements. We’ll be able to source a water tank to meet your specific needs in moments.

Cold Water Storage Tanks keep your potable drinking water clean and safe from contaminants. Perhaps you’re looking for a garden or camper water tank? Non-Potable tanks are mostly used to store rainwater. These can save you money on your water bill! Use your free water to look after the garden, wash the patio or fill your pond. We’ve surely got an option for you!

Agricultural sprayer tanks? No problem. We deal with leading manufacturers for a broad range of sizes from small break tanks to bulk water storage facilities for processing, cooling, fire fighting, sprinklers and general irrigation.

Water Storage Solutions for Agricultural, Industrial and Domestic Use

Farms and other commercial businesses have numerous uses for water tanks. Rainwater harvesting is crucial to keeping a farm running and a Water butt can help you do just that. Invest in some Water Storage and start saving money for your business today!

Got a Mobile Business in need of cleaning water on the move? Grab a Plastic Water Tank from us for your Window Cleaning or Car Valeting needs! Carry up to a 1000 litre water Plastic Tanks.

Special chemical storage is no problem, we’ll usually just need to know what the chemical is or provide us with a data sheet to ensure long term compatibility and tank life.