Safety Boots

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RockFall Safety Boots

These Safety Boots come from RockFall® The Quality UK Manufacturer of tough, long-lasting Shoes. We use these Reinforced Boots on a daily basis. Both for our installers and our office team! With incredible resistance to weather and wear, we choose Rockfall® Boots. That means they can survive the rigours of on-site work.

Ladies Safety Boots

Even the style-conscious ladies of the office team recommend some of the honey coloured Vixen® Safety Boots for women. These stylish and reliable fibreglass toecap boots are perfect for our admin team visiting the gritty yard to stock check our tanks.
With a brand we actually use, you can rest assured that these boots are up to the task. And because of a full range of sizes for all walks of life, these are the perfect partner to any business. Don’t just take our word for it, these safety boots exceed EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 HI WR HRO & SRC specifications.

Rockfall Work Boot’s Incredible Technology!

An Activ-Tex® membrane ensures full waterproofing of our Safety Shoes. Also, this same technology ensures advanced breathability and maximum moisture wicking.
SRC compliance ensures the best chance of preventing a slip. So you can rely on your feet to keep you standing. It is, however, important to try and remove that risk from work in the first place.
An HRO rating means that these hard-wearing boots can withstand contact temperatures of up to 300°C. Because of this exceptional resistance, fresh hot tarmac & hot environments are no problem.
Our reinforced toecap boots provide standard drop protection of 200 joules of force & 15,000 Newtons of crushing protection (1530 kgs).