Sewage Treatment Plants

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Septic Tanks
Treat yourself like you should treat your.. waste… with a New Septic Tank! Modern treatment plants from Harlequin to Transportable Effluent Tanks from Tuffa!
These Septic Tank systems are far more practical than their predecessors due to many time and money saving factors. Bio Media Systems remove the need for fixed media which are often the cause of blockages and therefore headaches!

These Compact and lightweight Sewage systems lead to easy installation and promote low maintenance, therefore, reducing costs for everyone. The ease of maintenance for one of these Septic Tanks is incredible. Only needing emptying every 6 months and compressor maintenance is ideally situated to make life with this Sewage treatment system a breeze!
Living with it
At the end of the day even with all the bells and whistles you still have to live with this Septic Tank but, guess what? The near Silent air compressor housed inside keeps the operation of the system virtually silent. So you can have some peace and quiet!
Sewage Treatment
Sewage treatment tanks are for those without mains sewage drains. This is much more common in the more obscure areas of Britain. We have a selection of off-mains drainage available to suit your needs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for Contact us on 01722 714514 or via email.

Anaerobic Digestion is the primary method of wastewater treatment inside these tanks and as the wastewater enters it naturally separates in the tank with oils and grease rising to the surface water and sediments sinking to the bottom.