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Water Bowser range for the compliant, safe transportation of water. Our versatile towed and skid bowsers are available with pumps and include:

  • Drinking water storage tank (potable)
  • High powered engine driven pressure washers. We supply both petrol and diesel driven.
  • On-demand pumps for welfare facilities and temporary plumbing.
  • Plant watering kits for hanging baskets and general irrigation.
  • Dust control spray units for damping down dusty sites.

Our mobile water bowser range covers road towable, highway legal chassis. Fully compliant with the latest EU regulations, rugged site tow and skid specification. We have bolt down chassis for flatbed sand special build applications. These span 500 Litre to 2700L (600gl) including 1000 Litre, 500 gallon and 2000 litre water bowsers.

We can even supply 10,000-litre tanks and towable water bowsers view more details here!

Safe Water Supply and Transportation with each Water Bowser.

Our range of portable water bowsers is designed from the ground up to be extra strong. A dedicated one-piece moulded bowser ensures maximum integrity. Baffled for safe & stable transportation and towing reduces the movement of water. Mounted on heavy-duty, fully galvanised mobile chassis for low maintenance and long life.

Please note we also offer a range of transportable tanks from ibc tanks to dust suppression bowsers.

We also hire and rent water bowsers for short and long term periods. They can be supplied with the same range of pumps. See our hire page for more details.

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