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Keeping your site and staff clean and safe – PPE

Posted 9th October 2019

Protecting our workers is a practice we are passionate about at Tank Services.  Tank installations, servicing and decomissions involve many potential hazards.  We never cease looking for new Personal Protection Equipment and practices to protect staff working on site.

Worker health and safety – Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment or PPE is the first step to keeping labourers healthy and safe.  Eye, head and hand protection are all paramount for health and safety. 

Eye protection includes safety goggles when working with cutting equipment.  Head protection can vary widely from job to job; from a soft beanie to keep our chums warm, to hard hats to protect from debris and bumps on the head.

Hand protection can be tricky too!  It’s not just as simple as getting a pair of gloves for your workers.  Allergies can be so prominent when wearing latex gloves or even certain fabrics. 

Nitrile gloves tend to be the most common form of glove protection and they’re good for working with oil as the oil doesn’t eat away at the nitrile.

Safety boots and foot complications

Construction work really calls for robust safety footwear. Rockfall Boots provide a very diverse range of safety boots and wellies.  The hardest requirement to match has to be effective frost protection whilst also maintaining breathability and waterproofing. 

Sadly, boots often come with only one of the two because it can be difficult to create airflow in the shoe whilst keeping out water.  A boot can be waterproof but that doesn’t mean it will protect a wearer from the cold.

A sealed shoe will create sweat around the foot which can lead to damp problems on the feet themselves.  The moisture will start to get cold and freeze around the foot, increasing the likelihood of frostbite.

The Titanium Boot from Rockfall does tick all the boxes and for a more affordable price than some of the larger boots on offer.

Keeping site clean – work areas

We all know how hard it can be to keep a site free of dirt and grime.  Especially when there’s plenty of other more important work to be done. But unseen bacteria and microbial growth can go wild if boots are treading in the dirt through buildings. This is especially relevant with on-site cabins or support offices attached to businesses with labourers.

A great solution for this particular issue is a Boot Cleaner.  Construction workers can pop their feet through the boot washer on their way into the building.  Therefore, keeping their shoes clean and looking smart and maintaining a clean, professional office space too.

Dust on site and respiratory protective equipment – RPE

Dust for construction workers can be a significant health risk, especially during dry spells in the summer. 

However, it is possible to keep dust to a minimum by utilising a dust suppression bowser.   These great machines spread water over dusty sites like a water sprinkler, keeping the dirt moist enough to stick to the ground, thus preventing dust.

Site health and safety on a construction site will likely require a face mask to prevent building dust from entering the workers’ lungs.  Enough construction dust entering the lungs can cause them to cake up.  This effectively creates cement in the lungs, which can lead to breathing problems in the future that the employer would be responsible for.

Staff training and site safety awareness courses

The focus of any risk assessment is to provide support and protect your employees.  Educating your staff on health and safety awareness will cover you as the employer from staff not following correct procedure.  It will also teach them how to protect themselves from the dangers of their industry.  


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