Mobile Spill Stations

The perfect solution for workshop spillages, driveways, and health and safety needs with our Mobile Spill Stations. These versatile units are designed to address a wide range of spill control challenges in various settings, providing a portable, all-in-one solution that promotes safety, compliance, and environmental responsibility.

Key Features:

Mobile Convenience: Our Mobile Spill Stations are equipped with sturdy wheels, allowing you to swiftly respond to spills in your workshop or driveway. Designed for portability, these units ensure that you can bring spill control resources to the spill site in a matter of seconds, reducing response times and potential hazards.

Multi-Purpose Spill Management: These stations are your go-to resource for handling workshop spillages and maintaining health and safety. With a comprehensive range of absorbents, spill kits, and tools, you'll be well-prepared to manage a variety of spills, from oil and chemicals to other hazardous materials.

Enhanced Safety: Your safety and that of your employees is paramount. Our Mobile Spill Stations come equipped with safety features such as lockable doors and clear signage, ensuring that spill control materials are readily accessible and protected from tampering or unauthorized use.