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3m Storage Container with Bunded Floor, Air Grilles & Double Front Door

Product Specification

Capacity & Dimensions

Weight605 kg

Additional Information

Internal Dimensions

Flat Packed Dimensions


Door Style

Double Door



Bunded storage container with the sump tray for hazardous goods.

Our 3m hazardous chemical storage container has been designed to meet the requirements for COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health).  With integral leak proof bunded floor, ensures any chemical spills are contained.  Where they can be cleaned up and protected from the wider environment. Additional bunded shelving and drip trays can be supplied to further add to the storage capacity of the hazardous chemical storage container.

To avoid any potential build-up of hazardous vapours, the container is pre-fitted with additional high and low-level venting grills at each end of the store.  This is in addition to the standard vented design for an extra level of protection.

  • The container is made of formed galvanised sheet steel 0.75 mm thick.
  • The supporting profiles are made of 2 mm galvanized steel square section.
  • The container sump capacity of 275 litres.
  • Only suitable with chemicals of a flashpoint above 100°C may be stored in the container.
  • Windows can be placed in the side and rear wall of the container.
  • Roof lights are available for addition natural daylight.
  • The entire container can be flat packed to reduce shipping costs.
  • The container is equipped with double doors with a handle, lock and door stops.


The assembled container can be transported by crane or forklift. For the purpose of hanging by crane, each corner angle of the container is provided with crane lifting points.

Container security

A safety barrier can be supplied with the container. You can then equip the container with a standard security system using a sensor and alarm.

Maximum load

  • When lifting by crane – 1500 kg.
  • With forklift – 3000 kg
  • floor area load – 500 kg / m²
  • Roof area load with reinforcement – 300 kg / m²


The container can be equipped with a large number of accessories including gas bottle racks, bunded shelving and additional windows.

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