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hydrosack temporary flood barriers flood protection hydrosnake temporary flood barriers flood protection

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Temporary Flood Barriers & Flood Protection – Hydro

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Capacity20 litres (4 gallons)

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The Hydrosnake & Hydrosacks form water-reactive temporary flood barriers for low-level flooding. Constructed from a non-woven outer material with a super absorbent core. Once they come into contact with water they can absorb up to 20 litres. This is all thanks to the core which contains a mixture of superabsorbent polymer and wood pulp. Providing instant defence against flooding and redirection of floodwater.

Before use, the Hydrosnake and Hydrosack weigh less than 0.5kg. However, once in contact with water they become as heavy as 20.5kg!

Each Hydrosnake measures up to 1.45m in length when activated, making it the ideal flood barrier for warehouse doors/shutters and domestic doorways.

The Hydrosacks handles allow minimal contact and allow easy positioning of the barrier, making them an ideal replacement for the traditional sandbag in forming a flood protection barrier. After use, the outer sack can be slit and the contents can be emptied into the earth without harmful effects.

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