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An Efficient Sheep Dip Alternative
Alternative to Sheep Dip

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Sheep Shower System – DipFast Mobile Trailer Option

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Product Specification

Capacity & Dimensions

Capacity 1000 litres (219 gallons)
Footprint 1400mm x 1750mm x 2400mm

Additional Information


230v AC


Pressure 2 bar
Flow Rate 140 L/min
Length of Ramp 5500mm
Labour Saving Operated by a single man
Health & Safety Reduces risk by removing manual handling of sheep and lower exposure to chemicals
Better for the Environment All 'Dip' Chemicals are contained inside the sealed chamber
Animal Welfare Don't worry the DipFast has been fully tested to make sure the Sheep are comfortable. Plus the process is much less stressful for them than a standard dipping!
Mobility DipFast is available as a mobile trailer unit
Sheep per Cycle From 6-10 per Cycle - Hundreds an hour!
Sheep per Tank Dependent on your Throughput and Cycle Length roughly 40 - 70 Sheep per Tank


Where is there a Mobile Sheep Shower for Sale?

Mark Kelly an experienced Sheep Farmer and Electrician, built the first Dipfast Sheep Shower 8 years ago. He utilised an old Oil Tank and materials he found on his farm. Finding the process of dipping sheep taking more time and becoming even more expensive. Figuring out a way to do it safer, easier and quicker became his top priority.

Mark’s prototype was so successful with treating his own flock of sheep that the neighbouring farmers came to him asking for treatment of their sheep.

Fast forward to 2017, Mark and his three sons, Aidan, Patrick and Colm were finally ready to release their Dipfast Mobile Sheep shower for sale after a 3 year R&D process.  They were able to work closely with Harlequin Manufacturing. So that the final product, the first of its kind, became a tried and tested fully enclosed sheep showering system.

How the Sheep Shower works

  1. Sheep enter the unit via the ramp.
  2. The operator closes the entrance door using the pulley system.
  3. The Sheep are sprayed by 18 jets with a total flow rate of 140 litres per minute at 2 bar pressure.
  4. After dripping off, the operator opens the exit door using the pulley system.
  5. The Sheep exit the Dipfast via the ramp.

DipFast Independent Research

The DipFast product was independently submitted to the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) for testing to prove the effectiveness of the product. Thereafter, AFBI produced a report with the objective of testing a new method to treat and control ectoparasites in sheep using a mobile showering unit.

“DipFast is an effective and safe apparatus, therefore, causing minimal stress to sheep. Also requiring considerably less product than traditional treatment methods. Operators have little exposure to the product and sheep are able to receive full fleece saturation after only a short time. With the product consistently saturating the fleece and the inside of the ewe’s ears.” – AFBI Research Report, August 2016

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Product: Sheep Shower System – DipFast Mobile Trailer Option

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