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Collapsible Secure Walk-in Storage Unit w/ Bund – SC3000

Product Specification

Capacity & Dimensions

Weight 508 kg
Length 2250mm
Width 2200mm
Height 2200mm
Footprint 2250mm x 2200mm

Additional Information



A secure collapsible (flat-packed) walk-in storage unit with bunded floor. Bunded Floors are designed to assist in the protection of the environment by eliminating accidental spillage. They may be used for the storage of oil-based products, paints, inks etc. They can be assembled in a warehouse or on-site in a very short time. An affordable bunded storage unit for the Construction Industry, Local Authorities, the Horticultural Sector, the Plant Hire Industry, the Private Sector, etc.

  • Secure collapsible mobile walk-in units – Endless usages with a vast range of available components and accessories (Please call for more details regarding the components and accessories available)
  • Flatpack containers can be constructed in just 30 minutes and disassembled within 15 minutes with minimal tools required
  • Containers are manufactured with 0.75mm zinc coated steel sheeting (fully galvanised steel) to protect against rust
  • The bunded floor is manufactured from 3mm steel sheet and has a hot-dip galvanised finish. It is covered with a removable galvanised grill (also available with 35mm tongue and groove OSB wooden planks please see Kovobel SC3000 Collapsible Flat-Pack Secure Walk-in Storage Unit for more details)
  • 2m & 3m units are available (please call for specific sizing and prices)
  • The 3-metre unit has a capacity of 275 litres in the bund floor and the 2-metre unit has a capacity of 202 litres
  • Any materials with a flash point lower than 100º C can be stored in this container
  • The container can store up to 7m3 (7000 litres) of oil-based products and flammable materials
  • Containers are available with double doors fitted on the end of units or single/double entry door inside the wall of the unit. Door handles and locks are standard on all units
  • Entry dimensions are 1930x1930mm on double door unit when fully opened
  • Containers can be re-flat packed for reduced transport costs
  • Fully assembled containers can be lifted by crane or fork-lift truck (there are specially fitted corners for attachment by crane and fork boxes come as standard)

This collapsible secure walk-in storage unit is the ideal solution for a work site that needs to keep their larger items such as a cement mixer, generator or expensive large power tools safe and secure whilst having the convenience of being able to collapse the unit for moving to a different work site.

A carport version is available which is made to the same specification as the Kovobel Collapsible Walk-in Storage Unit minus the collapsible element (please see the Kovobel Carport for more details). The Carport is sold with two double side doors and two front doors (Drive-in profile of the door is 1930 x 1930mm), including door handles and locks in front and side doors. Included with the Carport is a ramp and stop strip. The doors on the side wall are used for getting in and out of the car. It’s not necessary to build foundations for this unit to be positioned on.


Crane maximum lifting load: 1500kg

Fork-lift truck maximum load: 3000kg

Floor area maximum load: 500kg/m2

Roof load with optional supports maximum: 300kg/m2

Roof load without supports: 100kg/m2

Internal Dimensions (2m Container):

Length: 2070mm

Width: 2000mm

Height: 2000mm

Folded Dimensions (2m Container):

Length: 2070mm

Width: 2000mm

Height: 380mm

Requires 2 fitters to assemble and should take approximately 60 minutes for the 2m container and 3 fitters for the 3m container.

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Product: Collapsible Secure Walk-in Storage Unit w/ Bund – SC3000

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