Container Shelving


Our modular shelving has been designed specifically to add storage shelves to our containers.  The shelf is available in 2 lengths, 2005mm for the back wall and 2800mm to fit 3m containers and longer on the sides.  The system comprises of 3 components. Shelving stands (uprights), drop-in holders and the shelf tray.  The shelf tray is leak proof so ideal for storing cans and tins of liquid.  As well as general storage.

The upright stands are available in 2 styles.  For the back wall and for the Sidewalls.  This is due to the container profiles being different.  Please note that the upright stands are not interchangeable between back and sides.

For a typical sidewall shelving installation, you will require 3 sidewall upright stands, 3 shelf brackets per shelf and as many shelves as required.

For a back wall shelf system, you will require a minimum of 2 back wall uprights and 2 shelf brackets per shelf. as many 2005mm shelves as required.

The brackets require 300mm height between each shelf to allow installation.

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