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2000 Litre Bunded Steel Skid – Abbi 20ART Deluxe

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Product Specification

Capacity & Dimensions

Weight 760 kg
Length 2300mm
Width 1410mm
Height 1320mm
Capacity 2000 litres (439 gallons)
Footprint 2300mm x 1410mm

Additional Information



Fluid Type



Skid / Frame



The Abbi Deluxe 20ART is a 1,940-litre storage tank built with a larger lockable equipment cabinet and secure access ports to enable fuelling while the cabinet is locked. The 20ART provides the onsite fuel supply for construction machinery without having to wait for fuel deliveries.



The Abbi Deluxe is UN approved IBC to transport fuel on public roads according to ADR regulations. Full-load lifting eyes, internal baffles and forklift pockets provide secure and reliable mobility by crane or by forklift to or onsite.


The larger lockable equipment cabinet is capable of housing and protecting a variety of pumps and hose reels. The secure hose access ports enable fuelling while the cabinet is locked while also capturing spills, protecting your equipment from theft or damage.


Access hatch enables easy access to the inner tank for routine cleaning and maintenance.


The unique shape of the Abbi Deluxe has a lower centre of gravity, which means safer and more reliable mobility.


The Abbi Deluxe is fully bunded to meet PPG2 regulations and ensure the safest and most environmental storage and transfer of fuel.

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Product: 2000 Litre Bunded Steel Skid – Abbi 20ART Deluxe

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