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Jet A1 Aviation Fuel Bowser 2000 Litre Aluminium Alloy

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Product Specification

Capacity & Dimensions

Weight750 kg
Capacity2000 litres (439 gallons)
Footprint3760mm x 1930mm

Additional Information


Steel, Transportable

Fluid Type

Diesel, Jet A1




TANK CAPACITY: 2000 litres with 2” BSP loading point and stainless steel downpipe


SECTION: Elliptical

TYPE: Drawbar

TANK SHELL: 4.00mm thick aluminium alloy with a built-in channel to ensure sump is at lowest point rollover protection for tank fittings

BAFFLE: 3.00mm thick aluminium removable

TRAILER FRAME: galvanised 4’’ u section steel channel

DRAWBAR: Triangular shaped drawbar complete with 50mm coupling head and jockey wheel.

MANHOLE COVER: lockable manhole cover fitted on tank top complete with inspection cover and relief valve

PUMP: Diesel l40 2” mk3 and pump with Viton seal.

METER: Meter calibrated in litres with non-resettable totaliser. (resale meter optional)

BONDING REEL: Hand rewind with 20m bonding cable terminating with robust crocodile clips

PIPEWORK & DRAINS: All stainless steel

FILTER: Combined Coalescer / Separator unit with appropriate flow rating and water drain facility

DISCHARGE HOSE: One length 25mm dia. ‘C’ type x 10m discharge hose with spannfix fittings and zvf25 aviation nozzle – with stowage

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