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Atlantis – 5000 Litre Steel Bunded Diesel Tank

Product Specification

Capacity & Dimensions

Length 2300mm
Width 1840mm
Height 2100mm
Capacity 1350 litres (296 gallons)

Additional Information



5000 Litre Steel Bunded Diesel Tank – DIS.5000

Tank & Bund:

A 5000-litre heavy-duty steel bunded diesel tank dispenser is suitable for commercial applications.  This high-security tank is well suited for the construction, plant and agricultural industry.

The fuel is stored in the primary or inner tank and the outer tank forms the required bund with capacity for 110% of the primary tank’s capacity which makes this tank suitable for both domestic and commercial installations.  This tank is suitable for the storage of Derv (white diesel), Gas Oil (red diesel) and HVO. A bunded tank is a tank within a tank, the outer tank provides protection for the inner tank which therefore makes it harder for the inner tank to fail.  However, in the unlikely event of the inner tank failing, the outer tank will provide secondary containment.


This tank is made in accordance with BS799 pt5


  • 5000 litre (1100 galls) capacity
  • Security cabinet – front
  • Lockable cabinet – swing door
  • 2” fill point inside the cabinet, c/w lever ball valve & non-return valve
  • 2″ bund to atmosphere vent
  • Tank to bund vent
  • 1.5″ bund gauge port
  • 1.5″ port for alarm probe c/w overfill alarm (battery-powered)
  • 1.5″ port for a gauge c/w clock face contents gauge (housed under steel box for security)
  • Mounted on bearers (full width)
  • Small tin of “touch-up” paint for applying when scratches might occur.


  • Main Tank: Ral 7015 Grey
  • Door: Ral 2001 Orange
  • Other colours are available (extra charges may apply) RAL or BS must be provided.

Equipment Options:

  • Hydrostatic Gauge (to replace clock face gauge above)
  • Manway Access Hatch
  • Generator Feed & Return Sockets

Premium Pumps: (PIUSI Pumps)

  • 50LPM 230v Pump Kit
  • 70LPM 230v Pump Kit
  • 100LPM 230v Pump Kit
  • 50LPM 110v Pump Kit
  • 45LPM 12v Pump Kit
  • 45LPM 24v Pump Kit

Economy Pumps: (HYTEK Pumps)

  • 45 LPM 230v Pump Kit
  • 75 LPM 230v Pump Kit

Electric Pump Kits, supplied with:

  • 6m Hose, Water & Particle Filter (10micron), Auto Nozzle & Mechanical Flow Meter

Hand Pump Kits, supplied with:

  • 4m Hose, Water & Particle Filter (10micron), Manual Nozzle

This tank can be paired with most fuel management systems available on the market, please contact one of our team to discuss your requirement in more detail

  • Length: 2300mm
  • Width: 1840mm
  • Height: 2100mm (including bearers)
  • Weight: 900kg (empty)
  • Tank – 10 years
  • Pumps & Components – 1 year

Please note: This tank is designed as a static tank and is not certified to be transported when full of fuel.  It also should be situated on a non-combustible even and level terrain/surface.

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