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Petrol Caddy Mk 1 A330 Petrol Bowser – Mobile Tank – 330 Litre

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Capacity & Dimensions

Capacity330 litres (72 gallons)

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The Caddy Mk1 A330, at 330 litres falls outside the ADR requirements of 333 litres, which means this flammable storage locker can be transported on the road without requiring the driver to be trained. 330 litres also allows for a stable road going load for trailer or pick-up use without overloading the vehicle. The Caddy’s design stays true to its roots by remaining a fireproof, bunded, pumped design for safe compliant transport and dispensing of petrol on site.

The petrol caddy is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of HSG176 (The Storage of Flammable Liquids in Tanks) and HSG51 (The Storage of Flammable Liquids in Containers). The barrel conforms to UN 1203 and meets ADR transport Regulations.

  • Filler neck: 2″ BSP
  • Fuel delivery: Hand pump c/w hose and 3/4″ nozzle
  • Hand Pump
  • 2″ BSP fill connection
  • Heavy duty tank lid with hydraulic lift rams fully lockable
  • Bund Vent Cap
  • Small nozzle to fit the smallest of machines
  • Fork Lift Skids
  • Full Fire Protection
  • Optional Extras
  • Trailer
  • Flowmeter

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