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Western Global TransTank 400TTS – Transportable Diesel Storage Tank

D Diesel G Gas Oil Price Promise Guarantee

Product Specification

Capacity & Dimensions

Weight 15000 kg
Length 12188mm
Width 2438mm
Height 2896mm
Capacity 56580 litres (12445 gallons)
Footprint 12188mm x 2438mm

Additional Information

Fluid Type

Diesel, Gas Oil



Above Ground, Bunded (Double Skin), Dispenser, Steel, Transportable


ISO Container, Skid / Frame


The TransTank 400TTS is an environmentally friendly, stationary bulk fuel container that offers on-demand fuel supply for generators and construction equipment. This 56,580-litre bulk diesel fuel storage container allows continuous fuelling on-demand and simplifies the fuel handling process.



The lockable equipment cabinet houses fittings and the letterbox-style ports enable continuous operation of up to four diesel engines and pumping fuel all while the cabinet is locked.


The TTS Series is built to ISO Container Dimensions and features forklift pockets for easy movement (while empty only).


Access hatch allows easy inner tank access for routine maintenance, inspection and cleaning.


Container design allows stacking up to 2 high when full, reducing your storage space requirements.


The TTS Series is 110% bunded to comply with PPG2 Regulations.

TransCube Container, static fuel tank, 110% bunded, pump cabinet, equipment storage area and top access platform built to BS799 part 5 and complies with PPG regulations, ISO fuel tank container, ADR, CSC, UN, TIR Approved for transport and UL 142 for storage of diesel fuel.

  • ISO container approved to transport fuel on road/rail under UN, ADR, RID, UIC, TIR, Regulations.
  • CSC plated ISO container (Convention for Safe Container Standard).
  • Internal baffles to prevent fuel surge and provide safe handling and transportation at any fill level.
  • Corner twist locks top and bottom and forklift pockets for ease of handling (forklift empty only).
  • Standard 10″ ISO container frame specifications for economical logistics.
  • Can be stacked 6 high full of fuel, reducing transport and storage space requirements.
  • Option for 4 sets of feed & return connections plus pump/auxiliary equipment feed. For additional security, hoses can be fed through access holes enabling doors to be kept locked while in use.
  • Inner tank enclosed in steel weatherproof bund, with 110% capacity, for the storage of fuel in accordance with PPG2 Regulations.
  • Pump & tank fittings all housed in a lockable, vented cabinet within the bunded area and are top mounted to help prevent leakage.
  • Unique fold-down cabinet step for ease of access to tank fittings and pump.

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