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Connector for Kovobel Containers


The Kovobel container connection kit has been designed to join two standard height containers together, end to end. Whether you need more storage than is available in a single container or need to fit a specific space, our container connectors allow you unrivalled flexibility.

This connection kit allows longer containers to be assembled from shorter units.  Thus, larger containers can be assembled in areas where access may be restricted or too difficult to manhandle the larger and heavier panels to the final location.

For example, 2 x 3m Kovobel container units can be assembled to create a 6m long container. By removing the back wall panel from one unit and the door frame panel from the other container and using the connection kit to join them together.  It is just as easy to connect different length units together, too.  So a 6m and a 4m would become a 10m long container with continuous space.

Once assembled with the joiner kit, it will not be possible to lift the complete unit by crane or forklift. The assembled unit must remain in situ.  The joiner kit should be removed if required to move the container, and the two separate units moved independently.

Please contact us if you have specific requirements or require a special specification.

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