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F-Safe Secure Cabinet 12/20 FWF 30 5 Full Drawers

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Product Specification

Capacity & Dimensions

Footprint425mm x 250mm

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Secure Cabinet 12/20 – FWF 30, 5 Full Drawers

Substances in work areas, in accordance with DIN EN14470-1 and TRGS 510(Annex 3) *.

The secure cabinets F-SAFE are design approved in accordance with DIN EN 14470-1 and correspond to DIN EN 14727 (Laboratory Furniture Directive). Body colour light grey, similar to RAL 7035. Door colour zinc yellow, similar to RAL 1018. sign GS and CE

– 30 minute fire-resistance

– single-layer doors and walls in homogeneous full material

– in case of fire, self-closing ventilation openings on the top of the cabinet, DN 100 mm

– hydraulic door closer with integrated arrest system (thermally triggered)

– Earthing to avoid the danger of ignition due to electrostatic charge

– height-adjustable feet, can be aligned from inside

– with removable base trim allowing forklift/pump truck access

-3 height-adjustable, steel plate tray bottoms, powder-finished in RAL 7035, load bearing capacity 75 kg

– one steel plate bottom tray, powderfinished in RAL 7035 with a perforated plate insert

– Easy to operate fully extending drawers for the storage of small containers load bearing upto 65kg

In accordance with TRGS 510 (Annex 3), the fire resistance may be less than 90 minutes, but must be at least 30 minutes, if

1. only one cabinet is installed per separate building unit/fire(-fighting) compartment; if the area of the separate building unit/fire (-fighting) compartment is greater than 100 m², one cabinet may be installed every 100 m²


2. only one of the separate building unit/fire (-fighting) compartment is protected by an automatic fire detection system and plant

fire brigade with a response time of at most 5 minutes from the alarm being raised, or an automatic extinguishing system is in place.


Exhaust air fan for secure cabinet type FWF 30


Emerging vapours and gases must be extracted directly on location. The ventilation systems prevent a build-up of gases in secure cabinets.

– Fans and the exhaust system must be connected to an exhaust air line that leads to the open air.

– The air filter system cleans the air and does not need an exhaust air line.

Exhaust air fan with airflow monitoring

– sheet steel housing, powder-coated, light grey RAL7035

– includes cabinet connection adapter

– ATEX-compliant for extraction from Ex-zone 2 and installation in Ex-free zone

– sound pressure level Lp2A: 35 dB(A)

– flow rate: 50 – 200m³/h

– overall pressure: 250 – 50 Pa

– floating output via DIN socket

– voltage: 230 V

– power consumption: max. 0.45 A

– frequency: 50 Hz

– protection class CE II 3 G T4

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