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Fuel Tank Fill Point Cabinet

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The Fuel Tank Fill Point Cabinet is designed to securely lock away a storage tank’s fill point from tampering and theft without making it difficult to view tank level readings. The unit comes complete with top entry 2” fill point, a level ball valve for isolation and filler cap to prevent dripping, as well as a removable drip tray with sight glass and easy grip handle, which can be opened even when the cabinet is locked to allow convenient emptying/cleaning at all times.

The benefit of this diesel fill point cabinet over alternatives on the market is its partial glass front. If an installed gauge is showing a low fuel level, anyone at the tank can identify that fuel delivery is required even when the cabinet is closed. On other models with a full metal door, this would go undetected until the cabinet was next opened, which could result in unexpectedly running out. As the glass front is only partial, the tank fill point is still secured out of sight and reach behind the lockable cabinet door. It is positioned so that if the glass is broken, no syphoning fitting can be attached.

Please note: Alarms and gauges are to be purchased separately to allow for bespoke configurations. The cabinet backplate has pre-threaded mounting holes for the simple installation of multiple types of alarms and gauges.

  • Lockable painted sturdy steel cabinet
  • Partial glass front to allow viewing of alarms/gauges
  • Fill point is secured behind door out of sight & reach
  • Top entry 2” fill point & filler cap
  • Lever ball valve, check valve & union
  • Pre-threaded mounting holes for alarms/gauges
  • Removable drip tray with sight glass
  • Top & bottom vents to prevent vapour build up
  • 4 cable gland cutouts for fixing power cables
  • Wall brackets for easy tank mounting

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