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Normond E Series Tank Gauge (Hydrostatic Percentage)

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Tank Height Variant

Normond Hydrostatic E Series Fuel Tank Level Gauge – Low, Normond Hydrostatic E Series Fuel Tank Level Gauge – Medium, Normond Hydrostatic E Series Fuel Tank Level Gauge – High


The Normond E Series Hydrostatic Fuel Tank Gauge is a fuel tank level indicator that is renowned for its application in commercial environments. Their incorporated manual pumping system makes these fuel tank level gauges suitable for hazardous environments as electricity is not needed.

The E Series Normand Gauges display the tank contents as a percentage and are primarily used on storage tanks that have a height of up to 3 metres. For tanks over this height, and for liquids other than diesel, please refer to the G Seriesfueltank contents gauge. These fuel tank gauges are available in a number of versions depending upon the height of the tank and the specific gravity of the fluid in your tank.

  • Analogue fuel tank level indicator
  • Brass balance chamber weight
  • PVC standard balance chamber capillary
  • 1/2″ M BSP Balance chamber fitting
  • Can be positioned up to 50m away from a tank
  • Suitable for diesel, kerosene and other fluids

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