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Fuel Tank Gauge GSM Unit – for Piusi® Ocio

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The Piusi® Ocio GSM enables the remote monitoring of single or multiple Ocio fuel tank level gauges, by displaying the current tank level or high/low-level condition via an SMS. The Ocio GSM is ideal for the remote monitoring of tank contents and can be sent directly to the fuel provider or technician responsible for filling or emptying. For added convenience, the user can set up the unit so that it sends a tank level reading in mm at pre-determined time intervals, or on demand by texting the SIM card set up within the Ocio GSM. This means that at any time the user is able to determine how much fuel they have remaining no matter where they are, rather than being limited to having to check the contents gauge at the tank.

The transmitter with GSM modem can be connected to a Piusi Ocio fuel tank gauge on an individual tank, or up to 8 Ocio gauges to control up to 8 tanks provided that the necessary expander packs are purchased. In order for the Ocio GSM system to work, the user must provide a GSM SIM card, preferably on a tariff, with the system supporting up to 10 mobile phone numbers in the built-in phonebook.

Please note: The Ocio GSM will only work with a 3G SIM card – It is not compatible with 4G SIMs.

  • Works exclusively with Ocio tank contents gauges
  • Sends SMS alert when the low/high-level state is entered
  • Can be set up to send a level reading at set times
  • Level readings can be sent on demand
  • Automatically alerts when the set min or max level is reached
  • Controls up to 8 Ocios if expander are purchased
  • Requires a 3G SIM card with up to 10 numbers stored

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