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Watchman Sonic – Remote Level Gauge

D Diesel G Gas Oil H Heating Oil Price Promise Guarantee

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Diesel, Gas Oil, Heating Oil



Oil tank level indicator.  This gauge uses a receiver and transmitter paired together.  This allows for the receiver to be plugged into a standard 230v socket in your house or office and the tank mounted transmitter to send the signal via an FM radio-frequency.

Uses a transmitter on top of the tank and ultrasonic level measurement techniques to measure, continually, the level of oil in a tank.


  • No wiring required.
  • Easy installation – one 32mm hole in the tank
  • Plugs into any 13amp socket.
  • Up to 200 metres line of sight range.
  • Measures tanks up to 3m deep.
  • Simple tank set-up, just measure the tank height and set the dip-switches from the user manual chart.
  • When the level of oil gets below 10% the fuel dispensing pump symbol appears, indicating to the householder that it is time to order oil.
  • When the level of oil gets below 5% then an led starts to flash indicating to the householder that it is critical that they order oil.
  • An audible low-level alarm can be set.
  • Fuel level visible from indoor comfort, convenience and security.
  • Comes with instructions on how to install.

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