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Atkinson Tanktop, Top Outlet Valve

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Draw oil from your tank safely with the new Atkinson Tanktop, Top outlet system designed specifically for oil-fired boilers and burner units.

Using the unique anti-siphon valve allows the oil to flow only when a demand from the boiler exists, so in the event that the oil supply pipe is compromised through damage or a leaking joint, the anti-siphon valve will close preventing any further loss of oil.

Read our short article on the advantages of the top take-off system for further information.

This innovative product is the first complete system for drawing fuel oil from the top of the tank without the need for a separate anti-siphon valve. Easy to install, it’s compact in size with 10mm push-fit connections for a quick installation directly to standard copper oil pipe.


  • Floating Suction Head for the cleanest fuel.
  • Floating Suction Tube for tanks with an internal height of up to 1.6m
  • Non Return Valve built-in.
  • 50 Micron Fuel Filter with nylon mesh element.
  • Diaphragm Anti-siphon on-demand valve operation.
  • Tank Inlet Fitting with flange screw-in anchor points
  • Purging / Priming Button to help bleed the appliance.
  • Surface Gasket seal.
  • Totally Waterproof and weather resistant.

Please note most oil-fired boilers will require an oil-deaerator such as a tiger loop or a lift pump, not suitable for Aga’s and similar vaporizing cookers which require a gravity feed, unless used with a suitable lift pump.

If in doubt or for technical assistance, please feel free to call us on 01722 714514.

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