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Fuel Tank Water Absorber – Aquafighter Finger

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Aquafighter Finger – Fuel Tank Water Absorber

Why use  Fuel Tank Water Absorber?

No matter how diligently you operate your fuel tank systems, over time, water will enter your tank.  The main sources of water are humidity, leakage through seals or ruptures in the tank, pipeline or hose.

Most modern diesel fuels contain bio-diesel. Biodiesel is more hydroscopic than fossil diesel meaning that it can attract far more water than “old style” diesel made from crude oil only.

Should the excess water be allowed into the fuel system of the vehicle or machinery, excess wear or even severe damage to the equipment is a likely outcome.



  • Capture and remove emulsified water directly in the tank
  • Other products absorb only free water.
  • Prevent diesel bug from forming
  • Reduce filter replacement by around 60%
  • Eliminate the need for additives
  • Reduce water level down to 75ppm
  • Meet EN590 diesel fuel standards
  • For up to 100 litres
  • Size: 20cm x 4cm
  • Absorb up to 200ml
  • Suitable for diesel, kerosene, biofuel and heating oil

Fuel Tank Water Absorber removes both free, suspended and emulsified water in the fuel

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