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Oil Tank Water Removal Kit

D Diesel G Gas Oil H Heating Oil Price Promise Guarantee

Product Specification

Capacity & Dimensions

Length 300mm
Width 56mm
Height 56mm
Footprint 300mm x 44mm

Additional Information

Fluid Type

Diesel, Gas Oil, Heating Oil



The oil tank water soaker absorbs any water condensation that settles on the bottom of the tank causing contamination and rust in steel tanks. Each Water Tank Soaker is supplied with a string for easy removal of the soaker, just lower into the tank, the soaker sinks to the bottom. The special water absorbing material will only hold the water, leaving the fuel oil, diesel or petrol in the tank. Simply leave the soaker in the tank until the sock is full of water, then remove and dispose of it. Ideal for large vehicle and lorry fuel tanks, domestic heating Oil Tanks and bulk diesel tanks. Popular with motor yachts and boat owners where fuel is often left for long periods of time. A simple product that saves massive amounts of time and money.

Available in 2 sizes to suit most tank apertures, each 300mm long:

WS2 (dia 56mm) absorbs 489ml,

WS3 (dia 100mm) absorbs 1.59L.


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