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Piusi Drum DC Diesel Transfer Pump

D Diesel G Gas Oil Free delivery available Price Promise Guarantee

Product Specification

Additional Information

Flow Meter

No Flow Meter, K33 Mechanical Flow meter

Fluid Type

Diesel, Gas Oil


12v DC, 24v DC


Piusi Bi Pump (80L/min), Piusi Panther (70L/min @ 24v – 35L/min @12v)


Flow Rate 80 L/min


This Piusi drum pump for diesel is battery powered designed to fit on a drum, allowing mobile dispensing.  These complete kits are ready to dispense diesel in to plant, machinery and vehicles and are ideal when power is not available.  Automatic cut-off nozzle for environmental safety with nozzle holder to keep your fuel clean.  Telescopic suction tube for standard 205L, 45-gallon drums and barrels makes swapping between drums quick and hassle-free.

    • 12v or 24v
    • Piusi Panther or Bi-Pump electric transfer pump option
    • Incorporated bypass valve
    • Telescopic drum suction tube
    • Delivery Hose
    • Automatic cut-off nozzle c/w holster
    • Protection grade: IP55
    • 2″ Quick coupling for easy drum mounting
    • Flow rate: 35-80L/Min

Piusi Bi Pump 12v:

Max flow rate: 80L/Min

Nozzle type: Auto 120

Hose size: 1″ x 4m

Piusi Bi Pump 12v or 24v K33:

Max flow rate: 80L/Min

Nozzle type: Auto 120

Hose size: 1″ x 4m

Flow Meter: K33

Piusi Panther DC 12v or 24v K33:

Max flow rate: 12v 35L/Min 24v 70L/Min

Nozzle type: Auto 120

Hose size: 3/4″ x 4m

Flow meter: K33

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